How Much Money Do London Escorts Make?

The escort business in London has always been taken seriously and ladies are making a fortune out of it. They have made a living out it and some have become rich and famous. It may not be easy to determine the exact amount of money they make on a good or bad day at work. Normally, the amount of money a London escort makes will depend on the location they are based, the agency they work for and how attractive they are. There are also different ranks they are placed in and each is paid differently. Here is a look at the ranks and how much the lady may pocket per month.

Amateur escorts
You should not be surprised when you come across a flat broke London escort. This is normally the case with escorts who don’t work in agencies. Most of them are normally broke because they don’t take time to invest in their looks and how they handle clients. A number of them who don’t make good money are normally not as attractive as those who make good money. Such will make something close to £50 to £100 per hour.
Average Escorts
The average class of female escorts take some time to work on their appearance even though they take being an escort as a part-time. You will find most of the average level escorts working in startup agencies. An average escort will make somewhere between £200 and £300 per hour. But just like any other business in London, there are good and bad days at work. That considered, then an average escort can make as low as £100 per hour when clients are not in plenty.
Super Star Escorts
These are the high profile escorts that are mostly hired by the rich and lonely men. They offer exclusive services, are well-bred and work for reputable agencies in London. This is why they will make something close to £ 600 per hour. There are some good months especially during the holidays that super star escorts make more.
Apart from just getting the payments they charge their clients, they also receive gifts from regular clients for a job well done. Working in an agency will only guarantee you the amount you agreed upon the signing of the contract. However, most super star escorts are aggressive and do what they are passionate about and this is why they receive huge tips.

Services you pay for
It is important to understand that escorts are not prostitutes. They are trained and will not display their profession in public. Clients will make an appointment before meeting the desired escort. And this difference is the reason why you ought to know what you are paying for.

Normally, escorts are hired as fake partners by rich and lonely men. Being the fake girlfriend is as far as it can get unless you want to pay more. If you only want sex then there is an amount you will pay. However, you will pay an additional amount is you want both sex and company.

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